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What Does Your Soil Analysis Mean

Soil Analysis to Check It All

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This very complete soil analysis includes the macro and micro nutrients as well as Boron and salinity evaluation.

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Analysis ExplainationspH evaluates acidity/alkalinity of the soilOrganic MatterEc a TDS indicate the salinithy of the soilCEC - Cation Exchange Capacity - nutrient holding abilityGypsum - applied to ovecome excess Sodium accumulating in soilSodium Adsorption Ratio - Evaluates the amount of Sodium relative 
	   to the combined amounts of Calcium & Magnesium. Value above 5 requires remediation.Nitate -  the major nitrogen source taken up by plantsPhosphate - a plant required soil macronutrientPotassium - a plant required soil macronutrientSulfur - a plant required soil macronutrientChlorideCarbonatesSodiumCalcium a plant required macronutrientMagnesium a plant required macronutrientBoronCopper a plant required micronutrientIron a plant required micronutrientManganese a plant required micronutrientZinc a plant required micronutrientBase Saturation - proportions of elements based on a total amounts of Potassium, Sodium, Calcium & Magnesium